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Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
as at: 17 March 2020  11:18 AM

The exchange rates displayed are for foreign currency notes online.
ChangeGroup retail branch exchange rates may vary from store to store.



$ US Dollar Notes (USD)
$ US Dollar Notes

Sweden Krona Notes (SEK)
Sweden Krona Notes

£ Great British Pound (GBP)
£ Great British Pound

Thai Baht Notes (THB)
Thai Baht Notes

Australian Dollar Notes (AUD)
Australian Dollar Notes

Bulgarian Leva Notes (BGN)
Bulgarian Leva Notes

Canadian Dollar Notes (CAD)
Canadian Dollar Notes

China Yuan Notes (CNY)
China Yuan Notes

Croatia Kuna Notes (HRK)
Croatia Kuna Notes

Czech Koruna Notes (CZK)
Czech Koruna Notes

Danish Kroner Notes (DKK)
Danish Kroner Notes

Dominican republic peso (DOP)
Dominican republic peso

Hong Kong Dollar Notes (HKD)
Hong Kong Dollar Notes

Hungarian Forint Notes (HUF)
Hungarian Forint Notes

Icelandic krona (ISK)
Icelandic krona

Indian Rupees (INR)
Indian Rupees

Indonesian Rupiah Notes (IDR)
Indonesian Rupiah Notes

Israeli Shekel Notes (ILS)
Israeli Shekel Notes

Japanese Yen Notes (JPY)
Japanese Yen Notes

Malaysian Ringgit Notes (MYR)
Malaysian Ringgit Notes

Mauritian Rupee Notes (MUR)
Mauritian Rupee Notes

New Zealand Dollar Notes (NZD)
New Zealand Dollar Notes

Norwegian Krone Notes (NOK)
Norwegian Krone Notes

Philippino Peso Notes (PHP)
Philippino Peso Notes

Poland Zlotych Notes (PLN)
Poland Zlotych Notes

Romanian Lei Notes (RON)
Romanian Lei Notes

Russian Rubles Notes (RUB)
Russian Rubles Notes

Saudi Arabia Riyal Notes (SAR)
Saudi Arabia Riyal Notes

Singapore Dollar Notes (SGD)
Singapore Dollar Notes

South African Rand Notes (ZAR)
South African Rand Notes

South Korean Won Notes (KRW)
South Korean Won Notes

Swiss Franc Notes (CHF)
Swiss Franc Notes

Turkish Lira Notes (TRY)
Turkish Lira Notes

UAE Dirham Notes (AED)
UAE Dirham Notes

Vietnamese dong (VND)
Vietnamese dong

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We are aware that you may feel uncertain about purchasing online, but we can reassure you that it is perfectly safe to do so, as we are a recognised provider of foreign exchange with over 20 years experience.

ChangeGroup is one of the leading foreign exchange companies in the world with retail branches in 10 countries and 22 cities across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

We are monitored and regulated by Tulli Customs & Police. The Tulli Customs & Police have strict policies and procedures in place and we are committed to preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.

Once the funds you have sent us have been cleared, we will immediately dispatch your order to your selected branch, ready for collection.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of all our users and have invested heavily in leading security intelligence and technology to ensure you have total peace of mind when purchasing online at

Your order is placed over a secure connection and all your personal information is encrypted and protected at all times.

The foreign exchange choice of millions
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Postal Delivery
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A simple guide to your postal delivery service
Your currency order will be sent as an insured letter and it will be sent to your nearest post office determined by your postal code. We aim to dispatch the orders latest on the following working day from the day order has been placed. Posti's estimated delivery time for insured letters is between 1-3 working days. We cannot guarantee Posti’s delivery time.
You will receive an email when the currency order has been dispatched. When the order has arrived to your local post office you will receive a notification by SMS to the number you provided when making the order.
To collect your order you need an identification card with a photo and Posti’s notification of arrival. Orders are kept 14 days in the post office.
Please see below for postal delivery options:

Postal Delivery
12,90 €
Posti will deliver your order as an insured letter to your local post office which is determined by your postal code. We aim to dispatch orders latest on the following working day from the day order has been placed. Posti’s estimated delivery time for letters is 1-3 working days.


Branch Collection

Collect your currency at no additional cost from any of our City or Airport Branches, many of which are open until late.

The foreign exchange choice of millions
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Currency Rate Alert
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Our free Currency Rate Alert service for Travel Money Online lets you know the moment rates are right for you. Sit back and relax and we will inform you when your desired currency exchange rate becomes available.

This service is available for online currency orders. * All fields marked with an asterix are mandatory.

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The foreign exchange choice of millions
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Currency Rate Alert
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You have now successfully activated our popular Currency Rate Alert Service.

We will email you when your selected currency reaches your chosen target rate & look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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Travel Money - Buy–Back Protection
Buy–Back Protection
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What does our Buy–Back Protection offer you?
We truly believe in looking after our customers, so when you place your order, you will be given the option to purchase our "Buy-Back Protection" service for only 10,95 €. Our Buy-Back protection saves you money by securing the rate, so that you do not lose out on the exchange rate if you wish to return your travel money. Maximum return amount of currency 200,00 €.
Order your currency online today and ensure you receive your money back, commission free and at the same rate you purchased.
Join our 25,000 customers who chose to add Buy-Back Protection to their currency orders.

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The foreign exchange choice of millions

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As a Finnair Plus member, you can earn points whenever you order money online.
Points will be allocated as follows when you buy foreign currency:
300 € - 500 € = 200 points
501 € - 1000 € = 500 points
1001 € - 3500 € = 1000 points